How we operate:

What matters most to us are the business benefits our solutions bring to you, our customer. Our “Vendor-Certified” professional services and training team has a proven track record of helping our customers get the very best from their CRM investment.

Above all, our team aim for excellence in every project we deliver. At BusinessCRM, we believe the key to delivering great service delivery is to fully comprehend our customers’ needs and expectations.

Industry experience has proved that it is not simply about buying a solution and hoping it does the job. Understanding your user requirements, your operational metrics, and what you’re trying to accomplish, is important. We will help your team achieve your business goals in an efficient and pragmatic way delivering advice, direction, structure and energy into all projects we undertake.

Managing your project:

Project Management, progress monitoring and reporting is a mandatory element in all projects we undertake. BusinessCRM staff normally use the Agile methodology as a process guideline for the provision of our professional service delivery.  This is a proven and well established methodology giving our clients the ability to reap immediate rewards from when their system goes Live.

We offer a variety of different service options to engage with clients and these include:-