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If you’ve been running a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application for a period of time, you may not be maximising your investment, or some processes / output materials need to be improved. BusinessCRM senior consultants will conduct a series of meetings with the client’s key personnel who have been involved with your legacy customer relationship management solution.  For those with more moderate needs, our Health Check services assignment will normally run over a few days.   For those with more comprehensive requirements, an assessment of the time needed to complete your “Health Check” service will be agreed at the outset of our engagement.

Our “Health Check” exercise will take the form of a Q & A session using a structured questionnaire designed to extract any problematic issues encountered by the client organisation or its staff whilst using the solution. We will ensure the review will follow an effective and proven process and will be focused on the business requirements both of today and the future. The assignment will be time effective, engage all key stakeholders of the business and ensure all findings are recorded and summarised.

Our health check will measure how well you’re current Customer Relationship Management solution is delivering against your company’s intended business strategy. On completion of the health check, BusinessCRM will present its findings in a report that prioritises your actions and highlights the quick win opportunities, followed by a longer term roadmap to improve your use of CRM.

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