Below is a small selection of Testimonial’s from recent BusinessCRM projects. To protect our customers from unsolicited sales calls, company names have been omitted.  References from our customers are available on request.

Below are just a few of our most recent testimonials:-

A perfect example of service delivery matching the sales pitch!  We found the energy and drive from the consultants at BusinessCRM to be infectious.  We found it a genuine pleasure to work with your team.

Andy Livingstone


My team learned more about our CRM software in one day from BusinessCRM’s specialists than we self-taught in the two years we have used the system. 

S de Gruchy  


We needed efficient, hands on response from people who have a complete knowledge of our CRM system.  The consultants from BusinessCRM were knowledgeable, responsive and passionate about their work.  Our project was delivered on time and within budget.  

Clive Harrington


At the outset, the sales consultant from BusinessCRM said “we can do better than that.”  He was as good as his word. Their team delivered our project from start to finish in four days.  This was six days less than offered by another supplier.  Great value for money and a brilliant job done.  Thank you to the MD and his team.    

Gordon Hunter


The consultants from BusinessCRM promised a rapid deployment project.  They built their team around our business requirements and helped us achieve our much needed return on investment.  We got all we asked for and much more besides.  Thank you for a great project.

T A Rudge


We found the professional services and training team at BusinessCRM to be consummate professionals, with a pragmatic approach to project delivery and quality of service.  Many could learn about customer service from the team at BusinessCRM.  Thank you for your help.

G R Knight


Thanks to the BCRM team for delivering results beyond what we thought possible. They ensured that the small details were treated as importantly as the big ticket items. I have really enjoyed working the guys from BusinessCRM.

Andy Cunningham


We considered various CRM providers in the area. However, based on independent references, we elected to go with the BCRM team. They project managed and implemented a major upgrade on our CRM solution. Everything went smoothly.  More to the point, the final cost was under budget

Beth Wentworth

If you are interested in more testimonials from our wide range of clients then please get in contact with the CRM team.